Baby Clothes Are the Best Off-Registry Gifts

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May 20, 2017

baby onesiesWhile many friends of new parents will religiously buy gifts from the registry for the parents, others want to do things a little differently. They may take one look at the gift registry and not find anything there that is in their budget or that is convenient for them to buy. Or they may feel that they should be expressing their friendship with original ideas and cute clothes instead of going by what has already been picked out and decided on. They may want something more fun and surprising for the parents, and going off the registry may be the only way to shop for them.

This happens all the time, and baby experts recommend opting for newborn baby girl clothes and boy clothes if friends are going to shop off registry. The registry is meant to cover the essentials and to make sure that no one buys duplicates or too much of the same thing. But when it comes to baby clothes, there is never really such a thing as too much of a good thing. Onesies, hats, shirts, dresses and more can become useful constantly, whereas buying multiple teething rings or tubs may not be a good idea. Parents may not be able to use more than one of those, but they could always use more clothes.

Friends of the parents can shop at retailers like newborn baby girl clothes to find lots of newborn baby girl clothes options, whether the parents have a registry with them or not. Shopping off the registry gives the buyer lots of freedom, but they need to be careful with that freedom. Buying the wrong thing, buying something that the parent already has or that they won’t be able to use can result in an unwanted gift. The parent may accept it with a smile, but then secretly stash it in an out-of-the-way place or try to return it.

This happens more often than people like to think about, and it is important to buy a gift that will come in useful. Even buying baby clothes can be risky, if the clothes are considered tacky, tight, offensive or uncomfortable by the new parents. Sticking to the registry is always going to be the safest way to go, but for those friends who like to buy something original, thoughtful baby clothes gifts are definitely the way to go.

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